FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

Setting an appointment is easy! We have a simple form that you fill out with the necessary information about you and your pet. After we receive your form we will contact you and schedule Scruff Mutt's arrival to your home. Click here to setup an appointment

Our prices match our excellent services. We have additional fuel costs associated with driving to your home. Your dog receives the best one -on-one service not available in stationary pet salons. Our service will be done in half the time so your pet is back to your arms so much quicker! Because of the smaller amounts of groomed pets we are unable to do the volume anywhere near that of a stationary salon, yet we have greater overhead costs. This is reflected in our prices and we are so glad you understand.

We use a generator, however some clients prefer we plug into an outdoor outlet so there is less noise. Before we begin our day traveling to our client's homes, we fill up our 50 gallon water container, but there are times when we may need to ask you to fill up our water supply back up to the necessary level. We at Scruff Mutt thanks you for your help.

We will give you an appointment time within an hour time slot. Example ( 2pm - 3pm) If Scruff Mutt cannot arrive within this time frame for any unfortunate reason, we will notify you as soon as possible. Please give your pup an opportunity to relieve them self before your appointment.

There are my variables that can add cost to one of our four Scruff Mutt service packages. Size, breed, temperament of dog, condition of skin, coat and which service package all add up to your special price.

Yes we do. Our Multi-Pet Discount is an on-going discount for all clients who have their pets groomed on the same day and time. No coupons necessary. 3 or more pets qualify for the discount.

We accept cash or check (checks require valid driver’s license #). All returned checks will be charged a $30.00 processing fee along with the original balance.

We prefer not to muzzle your pet if at all possible. We want this to be a wonderful and enjoyable experience. But sometimes that is not possible due to certain pet temperaments and your pet's past experiences. We do have several safe restraints that we will try to use instead. But some pets are calmer with a muzzle and sometimes for the safety of everyone we will have to use a muzzle.

Yes, we love to groom your senior or handicap pet. But if at any point we are unable to safely control your dog or they seem to get unduly stressed we will have to refer you to a vet for your pet’s safety.

No we don't. However, we do offer a at home teeth cleaning service to do a in-depth cleaning of your pets teeth please see our info on this. The reason we do not is this would only address the tarter your pups has from that day. Unless your pups teeth are brushed everyday, a one time brushing every month will not remove the tarter only that days worth of tarter. This will just irritate the pups gums, if your pup has any tooth decay or gum disease. So the best thing to do is to have it professionally done. And we are glad to give you a heads up on the condition of the teeth.

We occasionally offer Saturday appointments. However, we are not officially open on Saturdays so these appointments will vary by availability. If you are find you cannot be home during the week we offer plenty of options if no one can be there We have many clients who give us garage codes, spare keys, etc. We only ask that your dog is contained to one room or a crate that we can find them easily.

If you are not home (unless we have made other arrangements) we will wait for 15 minutes after trying to contact you. If we are unable to contact you and you do not arrive within 15 minutes you will be charged a $30.00 no-show fee per dog.

Please notify Scruff Mutt of your cancellation within 24 hours before the day of your appointment. Please do this through text or phone, NOT email. If it is less than 24 hours there will be a $30.00 cancellation fee which must be paid before your next groom.

Call (909) 451-9945

We do offer a hairy dog package called Furminator - De-shedding Treatment. This is a add-on charge due to the fact it takes quite a bit more time to do a three step process. It has reduced shedding up to 75% if done every 4 - 6 weeks. There is a video to see how this done. Click here to learn more about the three step process and see the video.

Scruff Mutt's will not tranquilize a pet in order to groom it. Scruff Mutt management is well trained to handle nervous pets, and treat every pet with tender loving care. If a pet is too agitated to be safely bathed or groomed, our staff will not attempt to force the service on the pet.

Yes, Scruff Mutt would love to groom your cat. See the service page for pricing in the add-on section.