About Us


Hi I'm Torri and "I LOVE MY JOB." I have known from a very young age when I was showing sheep in FFA that I would be working with animals. Hours and hours of prepping for the fairs I realized I could do this every day. And 30+ years later I'm still excited to get into my FJ Cruiser pulling my Scruff Mutt [traveling pet salon] trailer and head out to all my favorite dogie clients. I have worked in a Kennel, a Pet shop, grooming shops and a backyard shop. Now I am going Mobile.


I love the fact that I can bond a meaningful relationship during my one on one time with each pet and owner. Scruff Mutt is a cage-less traveling pet salon.

We know how much you love your pets and Scruff Mutt wants to keep them happy and healthy while we groom using our top-of-the-line products and services. Our salon is clean and customer service is our #1 priority.

So "Sit, Stay and Relax well come to YOU"

Torri Whalen
Scruff Mutt

Top Ten Reasons Why it Costs More To Get Your Pet Groomed Than Your Own Hair

10. Your hair dresser doesn't wash and clean your rear end.
9. You don't go eight weeks without washing or brushing your hair.
8. Your hairdresser doesn't give you a sanitary trim.
7. Your hairdresser doesn't clean your ears.
6. Your hairdresser doesn't remove the boogies from your eyes.
5. You sit still for your hairdresser.
4. Your haircut doesn't include a manicure and a pedicure.
3. Your hairdresser only washes and cuts the hair on your head.
2. You don't bite or scratch your hairdresser.
1. The likelihood of you pooping on your hairdresser is pretty slim.