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Scruff Mutt is a premier Traveling Pet Salon. Your special pet will receive private one on one grooming experience in about an hour's time frame. We eliminate the stress of traditional, noisy, chaotic grooming shops. The goal in every appointment is to make sure that your pet has a relaxing and pleasant experience. Many people simply do not have the time to get their pet to a grooming shop with there ultra busy schedules That is where Scruff Mutt comes to you with a Traveling Pet Salon and gives individual attention to you and your pet.
Dog grooming is not a one time service. Scruff Mutt recognizes and understands this important relationship between Scruff Mutt and you the owner, this is why we have created a memorable hassle-free experience every time. This reliability creates a long-lasting relationships between Scruff Mutt and its pets & owners.
So let us know when we can pull up to your home and start grooming!